Effects Of Disability

Disability can be physical or mental and can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender for ethnical background. This means that no one is immune from disability issues which can range from physical disability such as not having a limb to mental disabilities such as being dyslexic. visibility means that people are not able to perform the actions, either physical or mental, which other people can easily perform without any problems. This means that disabled people require additional support when it comes to the day to day tasks to make sure that they can complete these safely, without causing any harm to themselves or others.

Due to the stigma of disabled people being less productive members of the society, people often tend to look down on them and consequently, treat them poorly. This means that disabled people can sometimes be discriminated against for something that they do not have any control over. This is extremely unfair for people who are suffering from a disability because it is not their fault that they have a disability in Clayton South which they do not have any control over. It is imperative that we are understanding towards disabled people and make sure that they are treated with the respect that they deserve. Even though they may have problems completing some of the tasks which normal people can complete without any problems, it can be argued that they have to exert greater amount of effort to complete the same task and therefore they are entitled for a greater amount of respect because they have to fight battles which we can’t even see or imagine about.

Support Services for Disability

Disabled people usually require disability support services which can take a number of different forms, such as having volunteers who specifically are present to ensure that people suffering from a disability have enough and sufficient social contact with others, to other support services which can help in the medical regard. Having increased social contact with other people can ensure that if a recovery is possible, it is done so more quickly because social contact has been shown to have a positive impact on the recovery rate of individuals.

Making sure that disabled people have the required support services that they need to lead their daily lives without any discrimination and problems, also has a positive impact on the society as a whole. it makes sure that no member of the society is left alone or is isolated and bolsters community spirit among the members of the society.

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